So you're new? Welcome. 


Reasons you should leave your taxes up to JHC:

Tax expertise. It's hard to do your taxes when you don't understand complicated forms, difficult questions, and complex scenarios – but the tax code is right up our alley.

Human preparationA real tax expert prepares and reviews your return. When you file a return prepared with software, you're the preparer and on the hook for anything that's incorrect. Don't do that. Leave that to JHC.

Every kind of tax return. Individual, rental property, self-employed, partnership, S-Corp, non-profit taxes, filing an extension – you're covered.

Digital- and mobile-friendly. That's right, no paper needed. Upload your tax documents by taking a picture of your tax documents on your phone or scan and upload them through your computer.

Text notifications. That's right. You'll be alerted via text along the way – for example, when a new document is being requested from you or when your tax return is ready for e-signing.



JHC uses Intuit Link – a secure tax portal.


One Secure Location

Start sharing your tax data with your tax preparer within a single and secure portal.

Simplified Communication

Easily send forms and answers to questions to your tax preparer.

Real-Time Status Updates

Your dashboard shows how much progress you've made in completing your accountant's questionnaire.


Now that you're convinced, check out the process.

Here's how it works.

step 1: select your tax type

Individual taxes? Self-employed? Got a rental property? Small business? Need an extension? I'll get you to right place.



STEP 2: fill out the form

After you select your tax type, you'll be directed to a quick form to fill out. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes. This will allow JHC to get a profile set up for you. All quick forms are encrypted, secure, and protected. 



You can upload your tax documents when you fill out your quick form, but if you aren't ready – don't sweat it. You can upload your documents here, but you can also upload them later via Intuit Link.




Look for an email from Joe Hamgeri Consulting with steps to create an account with Intuit Link – where we'll collect tax info from here on out. You'll be notified via text when it's sent. Then you'll get a document request and questionnaire in Intuit Link so you know what tax documents you might be missing.

STEP 5: pay for your return

You might receive a call or an email requesting a bit more information, but typically JHC can accurately price your return based on your quick form. You can also check for yourself here. You'll be sent an invoice and after payment is received, JHC will get started on your return.




Once all of your tax information is received, your return will be completed within about 3 business days. If additional info is needed, you'll get an email or phone call.

After your taxes prepared, you'll receive a link via email to sign your return electronically.

Go back to your living your life and worrying less about taxes.