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I'm not here just to do your accounting and tax work, or provide with CFO services.

I'm here to help your business do better.


Why should you do better?

Let's consider a few important questions:

What's your company's sales break-even point?

What's your company's current profit margin?

What will your company's cash balance look like in 6 weeks? 6 months?

How well do you manage monthly your expenses?

How confident are you that your books are correct?

How many of these questions could you answer within five seconds? If your answer is anything less than 'five', the decisions you're making for your company could be poor ones – resulting in missed revenue opportunities, unnecessary costs, poor pricing models, and cash flow issues that could run you out of business. 

Don't make make poor decisions. Make informed ones.

This is what I help your company achieve. Informed decisions that will propel your company's growth. Informed decisions that will enhance your company's profitability. Informed decisions that will help you cut unnecessary costs. Informed decisions that will help prevent you from going out of business.


Traditional Accounting

It's not good enough to just have a bookkeeper or an accountant. Most bookkeepers and accountants just record transactions according to the way they think things should be recorded / accounted for.


A True Partner in Accounting

A true partner in accounting helps you:

understand your financial statements

protect and optimize your cash flow

understand your level of profitability

manage your entire accounting/finance/payroll/tax function

zero in on what you need to focus on

resolve issues before they turn into bigger problems

establish key indicators of business health

worry less about company finances


What kind of value are you receiving?

If you're not getting great value from your accounting service, it's time to change that.

Outsourced CFO Services


CFO Services are a great solution for businesses that are approaching or have surpassed $1 million in annual revenue. CFO services manage your entire accounting / finance function to ensure your books are accurate, that your business stays profitable, stays in business, that you don't run into cash problems, and that your costs are managed well.


Accounting (Bookkeeping) Services

Accounting services ensure all your transactions are being recorded correctly, that you get timely financial statements, cash flow analysis, and monthly KPIs to help you understand how your business is performing. Accounting services can also include invoicing and bill pay.


Tax Services

We love doing your taxes. From self-employed returns (Schedule C), partnership, S-Corp returns, 990s – you're all covered. 

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