Welcome back. Hope 2016 treated you well. 


A few quick notes:

Intuit Link. This year we're transitioning to Intuit Link for collecting tax information. Intuit Link will contain your tax questionnaire, to-dos, and you'll upload your tax documents for the 2016 tax year. 

Digital- and mobile-friendly. That's right, no paper needed. Upload your tax documents by taking a picture of your tax documents on your phone or scan and upload them through your computer. Need to mail or fax your documents? Click here.

Text notifications. That's right, you'll be alerted via text along the way – for example, when a new document is being requested from you or when your tax return is ready for e-signing.

Filing an extension? Click here.



JHC uses Intuit Link – your new secure tax portal.



Start sharing your tax data with your tax preparer within a single and secure portal.


Easily send forms and answers to questions to your tax preparer.


Your dashboard shows how much progress you've made in completing your accountant's questionnaire.


Here's an overview of the process


step 1: send a request for your 2016 tax return to be completed

Fill out this form and you'll receive an email with information on setting up your Intuit Link account. Once you set up your account, you won't need to do it again next year.

Name *
Phone *
Tax Return Type *


STEP 2: check your email & Set up your intuit link account

After you submit the form, check your email within 24-48 hours and you should receive instructions to set up your Intuit Link account. You'll receive a text alert when the email has been sent.

STEP 3: complete questionnaire & UPLOAD TAX DOCS

Complete the questionnaire in your Intuit Link account and upload your tax documents in your Intuit Link account.



STEP 4: pay for your return

After uploading all of your tax documents, you'll need to pay for your return before it gets prepared. You'll receive an invoice via email and can make your payment via electronic bank transfer or credit card.


Once all of your tax information is received, your return will be completed within about 3 business days. After you taxes prepared, you'll receive a link via email to sign your return electronically.


Go back to living your life and worrying less about taxes. You know the drill.