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Why employee engagement?


because it relates to organizational success

Recent surveys show how closely employee engagement aligns with organizational success. (Here's an example.) How does one define organizational success? Increasing revenue? A high profit margin? A growing list of customers? Exceeding quarterly goals? These are a few ways one might describe organizational success.


what about successes that are impacted by internal factors? things like:

enhanced revenue due to increased productivity

enhanced revenue due to increased quality of work

enhanced revenue due to increased customer engagement

decreased costs due to increased productivity

decreased costs due to decreased voluntary employee turnover


These successes, or opportunities, can be heavily impacted by employee engagement.

how can my organization increase employee engagement?


Contrary to what you might think, it isn't Just about

offering a flexible work environment

increasing employee compensation

adding employee perks


it's about managers (learn more)

because managers drive employee engagement.


it's about taking action

because doing nothing doesn't get you anywhere.

the process

Step 1: First, we'll survey all non-management employees to measure employee engagement.

Step 2: We'll show them the results. You'll respond to the findings with actionable initiatives. Set the right new tone. Work with both employees and managers to create these.

Step 3: We'll survey managers differently than other staff. Managers are, no doubt, the primary drivers of employee engagement. Remember to only hire and promote the right people into management positions.

Step 4: You'll hold managers accountable for their employees' engagement. We'll set expectations for when results are satisfactory vs unsatisfactory.

Step 5: We'll make defined employee engagement goals and incorporate them into day-to-day experiences. We'll communicate these goals with everyone in your organization.

Step 6: Relax.

a survey designed to increase your success

The employee engagement survey is designed to highlight what your organization is doing well and what could use improvement. It will address your employees' joys and concerns. It will measure managerial effectiveness and engagement and employees' perception of their managers. The key, however, to getting the most out of your survey, is taking action.

pricing for employee engagement surveys


per participating employee

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