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What is classy Friday?

Glad you asked, Margerie – Classy Friday was started about 5 years ago when a friend and I decided to get off our couches and go out with one slight unusual adjustment: we were going to dress up in our classiest attire.

We embarked to the Libertine (at it’s old location) in our finest and realized something: dressing up cool, grabbing a drink, and hanging out is one of the best untold secrets known to humankind. Person after person asked, “Why are you guys dressed up?” to which we responded, “Don’t you know what today is? It’s Classy Friday!” Thus, Classy Friday was born.

Year after year, Classy Friday was held, more classy friends (like yourself) invited, and 3 years ago, the event was moved to a larger space at Hotel Tango. My favorite story is two years ago I met two people who were just hanging out at HT and not part of our group. They inquired as to the gathering and asked to be invited the next year – and guess what…last year they came! Now we’re friends because of Classy Friday. (And yes, this has happened again.)

what to do

Hotel Tango will be busy on this night and with our added group of 50 or so people, it may take some time to get your beverage. I highly recommend taking a look at their menu beforehand so you have an idea of what you might want for your first drink. If you’re still unsure, find me and I’ll help! And again, come early!

If you’re one of the first 15 people, put your first drink under Eva’s tab.


There are no rules for Classy Friday attire but one: wear whatever you feel classiest in. For me, I like am ever-so-slightly casual form classy, so last year, it was a faux denim shirt, suspenders, bolo tie, jeans, and a sport coat. For others, it’s a dapper suit or a cute dress. Whatever you feel you’d look amazing in is what you should wear. (People tend to show up in a dress they don’t get to otherwise wear to things.)

HOw long will the event last?

Hotel Tango closes at 11p, so it will not last much longer than that, although it’s likely that a group will migrate to another establishment for an after-party afterwards (probably Thunderbird).

CAN I INVite Friends?

Yes, absolutely! I just please ask that you and your friends tip your bartender well :)

Other questions?

If you have other questions, shoot me a text at 773-577-3207.