Comprehensive outsourced CFO services that help technology & tech-based companies increase profitability & cash flow, improve and have management of their entire finance & accounting process, stay on top of compliance, and establish ongoing tracking of financial performance.


What kind of results our clients get:


→ 6x growth in profitability within the first 12 months

→ 20% reduction in management workload due to time-saving implementations

→ 40% increase in profit margin within 9 months due to vendor negotiations

→ tax strategies that resulted in $10,000 tax savings per business partner

→ 62% reduction in time needed to complete financial analysis

→ audit fees reduced by 50% after managing

→ seamless upgrade to cloud accounting solution activity and better system access within 48 hours

→ 97% time reduction for processing complex intercompany transactions



What our 7/5-Step process looks like:



STEP 1 → Assess your profitability vs where it should be

STEP 2 → Assess your cash flow vs what it should look like

STEP 3 → Review, modify, or create your company’s annual budget

STEP 4 → Review your chart of accounts & financial reporting structure

STEP 5 → Tighten up your month-end process, implement new software, upgrades, integrations, or automations

STEP 6 → Establish internal controls and policies for compliance purposes

STEP 7 → Establish KPIs to track ongoing financial performance


STEP 1 → Continue to track performance

STEP 2 → List, set up & manage projects

STEP 3 → Deploy strategies to increase profitability

STEP 4 → Deploy strategies to improve cash flow

STEP 5 → Provide oversight and management of the entire finance & accounting function (everything from tax consulting to managing the annual audit, and maintaining banking relationships)


What’s considered a tech or tech-based company?


We consider a tech company to be a company with tech or tech services as a key part of its business. The role of tech from company to company varies, so we’ve highlighted some examples.


  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

  • Agencies (e.g. marketing, advertising, consulting)

  • E-Commerce

  • Technology service companies

  • Tech-based companies


Why Your Business Should Outsource CFO Services

  • INCREASED REVENUE → you’ll have a financial partner entirely dedicated to all aspects of your companies finances, I’m able to make a serious impact on revenue and fast.

  • COST SAVINGS → I establish metrics and implement cost management practices to control expenses and cut costs where necessary

  • OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE → I’m brutally honest about your company’s financial performance and won’t spare details since I’m not employed by your company

  • LASER FOCUS → in-house CFOs often lack efficiency and incentive to because they waste a lot of time doing things that don’t result in a direct positive impact for the company

  • COST-EFFECTIVE → our fee is a fraction the total compensation and benefits package for a full-time CFO